Abdomen Liposuction

What is Abdominal Lipo?

Abdominal liposuction is one of the most popular ways to remove stomach fat as well as love handles in recent times. Most people who undergo this procedure have already made attempts to eliminate fat in their mid-section and those results were less than desirable. It is not uncommonly hard since fat in the stomach area is hard to reduce, especially following a pregnancy for women. Although it is one of the most requested areas for liposuction it also carries some risks as do all cosmetic surgeries.

What is Involved in the Abdominal Procedure?

Abdominal liposuction procedure objective is remove fat deposits from the stomach area by the way of a "vacuuming" method. Normally, a few small incisions are done in the abdominal area using a device for sucking the fat out. Lots of abdominal liposuction surgeries are done by applying the tumescent technique. The area that will be treated is injected with a solution of local anesthesia in order to make it swell so an insertion area can easily accommodate a liposuction tube.

The benefits of the tumescent method are the blood loss risk is minimized and the need for general anesthesia is erased. Moreover, the recovery period or downtime is reduced. Most liposuction doctors claim that patients who use the tumescent method are able to get back to their normal job in just a few days. Usually, the patient receives a compression garment to wear after the procedure along with moderate pain relievers.

What is the Recovery Period for Abdominal Liposuction?

In the end, the recovery period from abdominal liposuction depends on the patient. This is partly due to how well the patient follows the recommendations and strict instructions given by the surgeon them for a quick recovery and successful outcome. You should comply with all rules concerning food, not to mention the rules for physical activity post procedure. Besides that, patients have post-op appointments that are mandatory where the surgeon will detect if you are implementing their recommendations so you heal properly.

Will I be at Risk?

As with all cosmetic surgeries, risks do exist. Medical industry reports show that 1 person out 100,000 die from abdominal liposuction, or "0.00001". Most of these situations were due to the patient not sticking to the doctor's diet and post-operation instructions for success. Other explanations of trouble are caused by the surgeon not having performed the procedure very much, practicing too much liposuction, patient's adverse reaction to general anesthesia, during the procedure an excessive amount of blood loss, or the patient undergoing a wide variety of aesthetic procedures done on the same day or in close proximity. By having an experienced plastic surgeon, one is able to greatly reduce the odds of this transpiring


Cost of Abdomen Liposuction

Perhaps the most costliest part of our body tp have liposuction is the upper abdomen. Ddepending on the city and state, the going rate is roughly $4,000 or more for Adbominal liposution.