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Cost: Not disclosed
Pain Sensation: Not much
Overall Rating: Great
My results are outstanding! I waited until I was in my early 40s and being overweight most my life, around 40-to-50lbs, to change this. I know I should've done something earlier but better late than never.

Prior to the procedure, I became educated on proper long-term nutrition, and also learned how to work out and build muscle. Not only cardio, or exercising now & then. I'm not rich or anything. I only wanted to lose weight the proper way and maintain that. No more lose gain, lose gain diet plans.

I finally chose to give myself a gift for my 42nd birthday and have Vaser Lipo done on my abs.

"I am a lot more confident because they removed the belly fat"

The time to recover following the treatment was really nothing. I'll admit there some pain but not very much pain. It was basically painless and I was not under sedation. Yes, I was scared but it turned out to be a very easy experience as I saw my fat being sucked out! Sedation is an option if you really insist.

Because I ate healthy almost 100% of the time and worked out five days every week prior to the treatment, I healed a lot faster than a normal person. My abdominals were not ideal but were still fairly strong. Now, I am very self-confident than I ever was mainly because they removed the belly fat and because I understand how to keep it off! I strongly suggest to anybody who does get Vaser Lipo or Zerona to ask themselves first, "Do you think you can eat properly everyday for the rest of your life or at least 90%+ of the time?"

If you only know cardio workouts as exercise, you should consider hiring a personal fitness trainer or nutritionist for a few months. You are simply throwing money down the toilet if you are unable to keep the fat from coming back. You may be like me and have to make adjustments to your eating and need to exercise to keep the belly fat off.

Unless you want to spend $2,000 each year, sucking the same fat out you took off one year prior. Even if you reduced your weight by 10-to-20 pounds, it is a great improvement versus coming in there, as a true fatty looking for a miracle. You'll lose some inches as a fatty, I agree, but how long will that last with no effort (exercise and changed eating habits) on your part? Hey, don't be mad at me, I'm just trying to help, people :)

Pain Sensation: Mild
Overall Rating: Fair
I had Vaser performed in April 2009 for my upper and lower abs and the love handle area. As it was stated earlier, these areas were not improving with exercise, although they were decreasing by a little but not very much. My physician told me that the areas that I felt the most pain during the procedure would also be the areas I felt afterwards as well. There was not any sign of swelling the first few days following the procedure but now the swolleness can be felt. I drained alot the initial night and the day afterwards and then it wasn't necessary. The physician said that was normal and the body will absorb the rest. I've had to go the the bathroom more frequently so I'm not sure if it's the water or my body getting rid of the fluids or a combination of the two. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Cost: $4,000
Pain Sensation: Mild
Overall Rating: Fair
Hello Everybody - I had done quite a bit of research on vaser liposelection. I am a female in my mid 30's, never had kids and I have been adamant about exercising at my gym and eating healthy pretty much for the last ten years.  I decided to go with vaser lipo due to it being less-invasive than traditional lipo and the ultrasonic procedure was overall a much safer way to go.

I am 5'9", medium body type, (145 lbs), I have large upper thighs, and most of my weight is in my midsection. No matter what I did, I never saw good results throughout the years. I happened to be unlucky in the sense that I wasn't genetically gifted with a toned body. I chose to ultimately do vaser lipo because I didn't want to get any larger and wanted to keep a healthy weight, especially as you get older!
I picked a highly trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon in this specialty to do the lipo. Three weeks after the procedure on my inner and outer thighs I did not feel hardly anything, no problems whatsoever. I had to take some pain killing medicine for around one week. I had some bruising, experienced a little soreness for maybe 10 days. Today, I still have some swelling in certain spots and feel numb in other areas. I am wearing my compression garment non-stop, unless I have to wash it. To be honest, I'm not sure if I am nearing my final result? If so, I actually don't see much that has changed.

Tomorrow, I am going to have my abdominal area and my love handles performed on. I am a somewhat anxious. At times, I ask myself if it is worth it, especially, if I am not going to see quick results following the surgery. The money is gone now and I can't get my money returned.  Although, I shoudl have known because I read on the website that vaser lipo results aren't really finished until between 3 and 6 months. Does anybody else know if this is correct? I am a patient woman, but my surgeon told me I would see results in about two weeks- I'm am not seeing results after 2 weeks.

Anyone else who has had vaser lipo, I would appreciate it if you offer your experience and results for me. By the way, I am not negative on the procedure, I just didn't know what to expect before I went through with it.
Best Regards, Ellen

"Strong pains, but worth the discomfort"

Vaser Liposuction: Worth it

Cost: $4,500
Pain Sensation: Mild
Overall Rating: Excellent
I recommend the Vaser Liposuction procedure:
Why: The team of surgeons narrowed down my desired areas, and they also analyzed the effects it would have on my overall body. They basically sculpted the my physique to compliment my target area.
I had love handles and "man boobs" that have irritated me my whole life. Even with exercise they never actually disappeared. The doctors also worked on my hips and inner and outer thighs to assist in contouring my total body.

I did go under general anesthesia. However, I did feel some pain afterwards that was strong - but it was to be expected bacause most of my body had vaser done but "it was well worth the discomfort".
The swelling I felt from the procedure was at its maximum on the third day. I could not even put on my pants. I felt bruising everywhere but I noticed that the VASER areas were smaller post-op. While I didn't bleed, I did "leak" tumescent days after the procedure and expeienced weakness during that time. My overall rating is much better than I had expected. I have an amazing new body!

"Got rid of my love handles with vaser liposelection"

Vaser Liposuction: Definitely Worth It

Cost: $5,000
Pain Level: Mild
Overall Rating: Excellent
I suggest the Vaser Liposuction procedure
Why: It is a safe and painless method to get rid of unwanted fat which is not taken off by diet and exercise.

I have always been in relatively good shape with love handles. Since I have gotten older, the love handles look like they have increased to the effect where the advantages of eating healthy and working out had no effect. I would never have done the conventional liposuction because of the possible damage to healthy tissue and potential side effects. However, when I educated myself more about VASER Liposuction and being in my 50's I chose to lose my love handles finally, because I now knew it could be eliminated safely and efficiently.

I had the procedure completed at a local surgery center. They took off approximately 3.5 liters of stomach fat from by stomach, lower back and upper hips during the procedure. I felt not one pain during the procedure because I was given a spinal anesthesia. Since I work from home, I was able to do a complete day of work at the office, but with some brief resting. If I was required to go into an office building, I'd have to call in sick for one or two days.

My physician did make a few incision areas to permit drainage of the fluids and let them leak for a few days. This would not work well at an office but was fine for someone who worked from home. I used a girdle for a few weeks to assist in reattaching the tissue faster. It was not uncomfortable and made me feel less conscious if had bumped into something during the healing process.

The overall pain and recovery was minor. A prescription pain killer was given, but I remember to only consume one on the first night to guarantee a good nights rest. Following that, ibuprofen for a couple of days took care of any type of discomfort, which was he same feeling you'd have with your muscles after a good workout. I had some marginal swelling and bruising for a few days, but not a big deal.

I am very satisfied with the results and would recommend it to anyone who wants their body to mirror the effort and time they put into working out and eating healthy. Funny thing is, I am now motivated to work out even more. In addition, and it could be just psychological is that my strong desire for sweets has dropped. It could be that my body no longer has to keep that layer of reserve fat. In other words, I eat healthier since I do not crave sweets as often, I exercise more due to me noticing the difference or contours, and I like the way I look.

I took some of my own before and after pictures. When I look at my "after" photo from the back, I look like a younger man in good shape. When I look at my "before" photo from the back, it looks like my father. In my perception, my body has reversed itself by 20 years, at least on my waistline.
Oct 8, 2008

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