Smart Lipo

SmartLipo (laser lipolysis), also known as "laser-assisted liposuction", received approval by the Food and Drug Administration in November 2006. This procedure, pioneered in Brazil and Italy, basically removes the suction directly out of lipo by using lasers to melt fat away.

Is Smart Lipo Better than Standard Liposuction?
Smart lipo is a cutting-edge, highly effective treatment for fat reduction.

In comparison to conventional liposuction it excels in that it targets specific fat areas by melting the fat away. In addition, all the complaints, and associated side effects with traditional liposuction such as bumps and dimpling are gone with this method.

The Smart lipo procedure calls for the use of a calibrated laser to liquefy fat deposits through the top layers of the person's skin. As the laser funcitions to liquefy the fat cells, it also closes blood vessels so there is less swelling, bruising and bleeding as compared to conventional liposuction.

The smart lipo treatment works best in areas such as the upper arms, buttocks, waist, chin, exterior and interior thighs, pubic mound and for males with overdeveloped breasts. Smart lipo can provide you with a more appealing body contour in least amount of time, why would not do that.

Am I Eligible for Smart Lipo?
To be eligible to have the smart liposuction, you need to currently have a healthy lifestyle and want to target specific areas of fat. More importantly, one needs to be also 18 years of age and not be a smoker. However, each person's system is unique so a physician is the qualified person to determine if you are indeed eligible for smart lipo treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects?
Patients experience immediate results and little if any side effects although consult with a physician to be absolutely sure.

Smart Lipo Benefits:
  • Target Fat Areas
  • Firmer Skin
  • Minimal Invasive
  • Little Discomfort
  • Quick Recovery
  • Youthful Look
  • Costs | Photos

How long do the results last?
They are permanent. The body has a finite number of fat cells; removed cells do not grow back.

Recently, SmartLipo MPX has been introduced, which uses a combination 1064nm and a 1320nm laser to improve fat melting.

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